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Advanced Chemistry Labware Set

Product Code : JLI-MSK-10832

This advanced chemistry set is full of labware and equipment that's perfect for high school, homeschools, amateur chemists, or even professional scientists setting up a home chemistry lab. it simple for teachers, parents, and students alike to achieve accuracy with measuring and mixing. We know choosing lab supplies to go beyond basic science experiments can be time-consuming and expensive. So with this professional chemistry set, we did the work for you!

Here’s all the chemistry lab equipment you need to explore advanced chemistry. In this set, we've included high-quality glassware, lab tools and supplies, and personal protective equipment (PPE). Our quality HST glassware is durable with easy-to-read markers—making 

If you're looking for a detailed chemistry set for high school kids or a gift for a science enthusiast, this professional chemistry set is the one we recommend! 

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