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Owl Pellet Dissection Kit

Product Code : JLI-MSK-10810

Learn about owls and the little critters they eat by doing an owl pellet dissection!

It is a perfect activity to weave into your life science lesson plans - whether a homeschool parent, a school teacher, or any other kind of science educator. This hands-on owl pellet kit guides students through the dissection of an owl pellet. This complete kit comes with a large owl pellet (1-1/2" or larger), dissection tools, instructions, an identification key, and a bone sorting chart for bone identification. It has everything you need for an owl pellet dissection! Each large owl pellet is foil wrapped and dry heat sterilized.

This barn owl pellet dissection kit teaches students about food chains and food webs! Examine the inside of an owl pellet to discover the indigestible parts (or bones) of the shrews, voles, and other critters that are eaten by barn owls. The included bone chart helps students to identify jawbones, skulls, and other bits and pieces that help them to further understand and define the different animals in a barn owl's food web. Owl pellet dissection is an engaging, hands-on life science experience for elementary, middle, and high school-aged students. 

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