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Teltron Perrin Tube S

Teltron Perrin Tube S

Product Code : JLI-PLE-10594

Highly evacuated electron tube with focusing electron gun and fluorescent screen inclined relative to the beam axis so that the path of the beam can be seen and the effects of electric and magnetic fields can be studied.

The electron beam can be deflected using two methods:
Magnetically using external Helmholtz Coils S, or
Electrically using electric field of the built-in plate capacitor.
Also determine the fundamental electron chargeto- mass ratio (e/m) and study mean electron velocities using field cancellation.

Technical Specification (each):
Max. capacitor voltage: 500 V
Anode current: approx. 0.1 mA at 4 kV (anode).
Max. filament voltage: 6.3 V AC
Max. anode voltage: 5 kV

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