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HIV/Aids Testing Kit, Simulated

HIV/Aids Testing Kit, Simulated

Product Code : JLI-BLE-10743

This is an exciting, real life science lesson activity which uses real laboratory techniques for demonstrating the HIV test for AIDS. This kit has been used extensively by United Nations in its UNESCO outreach work worldwide. The test uses simulated blood and reagents which are completely safe in the hands of students and teachers. 

Teachers guide & students notes, chemicals and equipment are included with this kit.

Sufficent reagent and materials to suit a class of 30 students.

Technical Specifications :-
The Simulated ELISA Test is a hands on activity for students that serves the following important knowledge outcomes:

1. Good understanding of the body`s immune system and how the antigen/antibody reaction works.  It shows what goes wrong with the immune system when HIV infection occurs.  It also demonstrates clearly a test that is used daily to screen blood and diagnose the presence of the disease.

2.  Blood transfusion is a life saving practice that is administered to millions of patients every month.  The importance of safe blood is made clear with this kit.

3.  The discussion in the activities in the kit bring the real life issues of HIV into focus for the learner. 

4.  Prevention of spreading of the disease can be discussed as well.

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