Basic Histology slide set of 25 Manufacturer, Suppliers and Exporter in India

Basic Histology slide set of 25

Product Code : JLI-BLE-10597

Set of 25 glass microscope slides to be used as an introduction to histology. Illustrating major tissue types.

Human blood, thin film
Stratified squamous epithelium, oesophagus TS
Cerebellum VLS
Columnar epithelium TS
Eye, entire VS
Liver TS
Spinal cord TS
Kidney TS
Adipose tissue, section
Lung, connective tissue stain TS
Stomach wall, fundic VS
Myelinated nerve, teased
Ovary showing follicles TS
Testis, for spermatogenesis TS
Duodenum showing Brunner's glands TS
Non-striated (involuntary) muscle E
Striated muscle, showing striations and nuclei LS
Pseudostratified cilliated columnar epithelium TS
Areolar tissue, stained for fibres and cells E
Compact bone, for Haversian canals and lamellae TS
Skin, showing hair insertions and sebaceous glands VS
Pancreas showing islets of Langerhans TS
Ileum, showing villi and goblet cells TS
Artery and vein, stained to show elastic fibres, collagen and tunica TS
Cardiac muscle, showing nuclei, striations and intercalated discs LS

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