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Basic Kit, Student, Microscience

Product Code : JLI-CLE-10547

The development of the Comboplate inspired other developments in physical apparatus that allow students the opportunity of performing over a hundred chemical experiments previously requiring macro-scale apparatus.

Topics that may be covered with this kit include:
Chemical Equilibrium
Enthalpy Changes
Reactivity of Group 7 Elements
Industrial Pollution
Acid Base Chemistry
Rates of Reaction
Solubility of Sulphates in Water
Reactions of Metals & Their Salt Solutions

Technical Specifications:
Component design based on equipment used for modern laboratory techniques
Comboplates dishwasher safe
Kits designed for individual use or in small groups
Kit components all available for separate purchase
Kits made of durable, washable materials
Worksheets written for the students and suited to the curriculum
Workbooks and guides must be ordered separately


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