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The fun science experiments inside include creating color-changing solutions, instantly turning water into a solid, making two kinds of disappearing ink, and more. Using this exciting Chemistry Magic Tricks Kit, middle and high school students can conduct 12 impressive and fairly easy magic tricks.
JLab India the 12 cool experiments inside, and learn about the science of pH, acids and bases, density, chromatography, and polymers. There are enough materials provided to do each of the science experiments many times, so you can:
Practice & practice until you get them just right
Discover how each chemical reaction trick works
Perform them all for an audience.
Plus, you'll feel like a true magician as you use the three chemicals inside to make two kinds of invisible inks, turn ordinary water bright red, make a colorful rainbow in a tube, and much more. Some  The high-quality chemistry equipment in this Chemistry Magic Tricks Kit, like glass beakers and a graduated cylinder, will make you look and feel like a chemist. household items are needed to conduct all of the chemistry experiments inside.


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