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Product Code : JLI-CLE-10649

The plate is divided into 2 sections: 48 small wells (volume 0.3ml) and 12 large wells (volume approx 2.5ml). Each well is identified by a grid reference system. The small wells can be likened to 'micro test tubes' and the large wells to 'micro beakers'.
60-well microplate used in general microtitration, special procedures and hundreds of chemistry, biology and physics education experiments. This high grade plate is designed to the dimensions of standard 96-well and 48-well plates. 
The high grade polypropylene plates are optically clear and suitable for a wide range of inorganic uses.

Technical Specifications
The plates are completely transparent and allow the passage of light for overhead projection, for instance in the demonstration of acids and bases to an entire class of students.  The plates are dishwasher proof and may be used repeatedly.  
These unique test plates are made of polystyrene. The comboplates are designed to combine the features of 24 and 96 well microplates used in industry, pharmacy, diagnostics and research. 
They are also designed to act as a base for the ancillary components of the Microscience System.


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