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Product Code : JLI-CLE-11270

This kit provides a unique way to explore different chemical compounds at an atomic level. Using a simple flame test you will observe the color of light produced when various metal compounds are burned. This kit provides you with four different chemicals that can safely be burned, to let you compare the color of light produced by each.

A hands-on way to explore the atomic composition of chemical compounds.

Science Buddies scientists were inspired by the basics of quantum mechanics for this kit. While this test seems relatively simple, astronomers actually measure the spectrum of light emitted by stars to determine the atomic composition of different stars. You will be following the same basic principle to explore the makeup of different chemical compounds.

Instructions for this kit are available online. See below for links to the instructions and more.

The kit includes the necessary safety gear, but adult supervision and proper handling and safety techniques should always be used while working with chemicals and open flames.

You will also need from home:
Masking tape
Container of water
White glue
Heat resistant bowl
Pen or marker
Aluminum foil
Hard nonflammable outdoor surface (sidewalk/driveway or brick/concrete patio)


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