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Product Code : JLI-CLE-10722

The kit contains enough equipment to enable most of the chemical tests to be conducted on ten different water samples. 
The kit is designed to provide a simple, affordable and safe method of performing basic water quality tests. The written material applies to the testing of surface water from rivers and dams, however some of the tests can be done on ground water too. 
The test for residual chlorine applies to treated water only. Armed with the results of the various tests you complete, you should be able to safely conclude whether the water you are testing is in a good, fair or bad condition. 
You should then be able to make some recommendation or determine appropriate actions to improve not only the quality of the water, but also the lives and living conditions of the people who depend on this natural resource. 
Your samples will require confirmatory testing at a recognised reference centre. Results generated with this kit are to be used as a rough qualitative guide only and are for educational purposes only.


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