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Product Code : JLI-MLE-11038

Comprehensive kit with selected components that are suitable for Intermediate Phase learners. The support materials will assist the teacher in achieving Mathematics Learning Outcomes by engaging learners in interesting activities, while also catering for differentiation and promoting logical thinking that is essential to all mathematical reasoning. All components are colourful and made of durable materials. This kit contains Multiplication and decimal fraction and board, Number cards, SA playing cards, Fraction circles,
Square tangram, Number spinners - tens, hundreds and fractions, Hexagonal jigsaw and shapes set, Fraction strips, Dice - set of 4, Napier’s rods, Equivalent fraction spray cards, Counters - 100, Scatterboard/chessboard, Oval tangram, Chess pieces, Multipurpose paper, Geometric solids, Stopwatch, Thermometer, Measuring tape, Stamps, Calculator, SA flag and jigsaw puzzle, Symbols chart, 120 number board, Hour clockface - red, Money - coins only, Money - notes only, Intermediate Phase kit guide,
Number lines - 5 m, set of 5, Number line charts - set of 4.

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