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Planck’s Constant Apparatus

Product Code : JLI-PLE-10567

Ideally used in conjunction with the Jlab India Picoammeter. The planck's constant apparatus functions as a ready-built circuit for the measurement of the photoelectric effect. Inside the unit are a caesium antimony cathode, a D/C power supply with a potentiometer to provide a variable retarding voltage to the photoelectric circuit and a digital display showing the retarding voltage. 6 Different coloured lenses are provided to vary the value of ‘f’. A 4mm to UHF lead is included for connecting the picoammeter to the apparatus.

Technical Specifications
 Female UHF socket for connection to picoammeter
 DC Stopping potential controlled by 10-turn potentiometer DC voltmeter with 0-19.99V LED display Filters: 6 narrow-band (FWHM bandwidth: 4-15nm), with wavelengths of 405nm,
Photocell: caesium antimony cathode (spectral response range 185-650nm)
Power source: 9V PP3 battery Dimensions: 205 x 150 x 115mm (W x H x D) "


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