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Electrophoresis Lab Station I

Product Code : JLI-BLE-10653

A complete system for introductory agarose gel electrophoresis studies. In addition to a double-gel tank and power supply, you'll also receive a lab investigation to introduce your students to the basic principles of agarose gel electrophoresis. You can now economically outfit your classroom with the latest in electrophoresis technology. 
An accurate and highly reliable micropipet and a interactive CD which will allow your students to recreate their investigations in a virtual lab.

The Electrophoresis Lab Station 1 includes:
•1 Double-Gel Electrophoresis Chamber
•1 Fixed Volume Micropipet, 10 microlitres
•1 DNA Technology & Biotechnology CD-ROM
•1 Variable Voltage Power Supply
•1 Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Lab Investigation

Accommodates 2 groups of 4 students.

Technical Specifications
230V PSU will be substituted when dispatchinging orders to countries with 110V mains.


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