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Jlab India is a Lab glassware equipments are made of the highest quality borosilicate and soda lime glass to allow the foremost real results with precision and accuracy. As an innovator and a leader in the manufacturing of premium scientific lab equipment, glassware, and glass apparatus; our qualified team of experts has undergone years of research upon thousands of scientific papers and discoveries to meet the most demanding customer specifications. We are not limited to Indian laboratory glassware market but also renowned all across the globe. Jlab India is one of the renowned Laboratory Glassware Manufacturer and supplier in ambala, Laboratory Glassware Suppliers, Laboratory Glassware Traders, Laboratory Glassware Exporters, Laboratory Glassware in India, Lab glassware Manufacturer, and Lab Glassware Suppliers.

Adapter Splash Head

Product Code : JLI-LG-10752

Prevents contents of the flask from being drawn into condenser

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Adapter Multiple Two Neck Vertical

Product Code : JLI-LG-10754

One vertical and one at 45 degree One cone at bottom

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Adapter Flushing

Product Code : JLI-LG-10756

T-bore PTFE stopcock Material : Borosilicate glass

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Adapter Receiver and Multiple Connection

Product Code : JLI-LG-10758

With Multiple connections and screw thread With Socket for connection to condenser

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Adapters Splash Heads Straight

Product Code : JLI-LG-10760

With Drip Tip Used between flask and condenser to stop movement of raw liquid

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Adapters Multiple 3 Neck

Product Code : JLI-LG-10762

Two parallel one at 45° Comes with three similar necks

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Adapters Still Head Plain

Product Code : JLI-LG-10768

Used in distillation assembly for connecting flask to condenser With Thermometer Socket

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Adapters Stopcock Socket

Product Code : JLI-LG-10772

Material: Borosilicate Glass With PTFE needle valve stopcock providing fine flow control all positive closure

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Aspirator Bottles

Product Code : JLI-LG-10774

These are autoclavable, sturdy & dependable. Threads ought to be completely disengage before autoclaving.

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Aspirator Bottle with GL 45 Cap and Interchangeable Stopcock

Product Code : JLI-LG-10776

Lab Glassware Made From Heat Resistant Boro 3.3 Glass. Thread Specification:- GL 45

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Aspirator Bottle with GL 45 Cap and Socket

Product Code : JLI-LG-10777

These bottles have durable large white colour enamel marking area.

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Aspirator Bottle with GL 45 Cap and Tubulation

Product Code : JLI-LG-10778

These bottles have durable large white colour enamel marking area.

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Amber Dropping Bottle

Product Code : JLI-LG-10779

These bottles comes with interchangeable ground joint with dropper and rubber teat.

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Clear Dropping Bottle

Product Code : JLI-LG-10781

The glass is non porous allowing for easy cleaning or auto claving.

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Roux Culture Bottle, Offset Neck

Product Code : JLI-LG-10782

The neck of those bottles is tool finished for larger strength.

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