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Electromagnet Kit

Product Code : JLI-PLE-10728

A comprehensive kit containing the essential items for basic experiments in electromagnetism.
General investigation of Magnets, Eddy Current, Force Between Currents and Investigation of the Magnetic Field, are just some of the basic experiments that can be carried out with this kit.

8 split pins; 16 rivets; 1 length latex rubber tubing; 4 each formers of coils; reels of tape; reels of copper wire; 4 sheets of white paste board; plain postcards; reels of white cotton; 4 carbon resistors, 100Ω; flash lamp bulbs; 5 neon bulbs; Comprises: 8 anisotropic alloy magnets; 8 anisotropic ceramic ferrite magnets; 4 steel magnetic yokes; 6 plotting compasses; 5 hardboard formers of compasses; 1 bottle iron filings; 4 each double C Cores; clips for C Cores; aluminium rings; split aluminium rings; 4 support bases; armatures with axle rods;8 MES bulb holders; wood clamp; wood block.


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