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Scaler Timer

Product Code : JLI-PLE-10548

General purpose scaler-timer, suitable for radioactivity counting utilising a GM tube and as a general purpose millisecond digital timing device with manual or electronic triggering.Auto ranging on timing modes. Built in loudspeaker and switch on the back of the machine allows audible indication of counts when required. 6-digit, bright green LED display. Manual or timed counting of 1,10 or 100 seconds. Press-to-read switch to read the accurate applied voltage to the GM tube. 

Operation: Timer / Scaler
Capacity: 999,999 counts or seconds
Input power: 230V ±5%, 50Hz
Timing inputs: Manually switched start/stop; light gate(s) operated start/stop
GM tube Voltage: 300V to 500V
Fuse: 315mA (L) slow-blow 
Dimensions: 208 x 155 x 115mm (W x H x D).
Height including handle is 187mm.


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