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Sealed Radioactive Source, Cobalt

Product Code : JLI-PLE-10576

Sealed Radioactive Source, Cobalt
The foil is further protected from accidental damage by a wire gauze cap over the open window’ of the mount. The nature and strength of each source is clearly engraved on its mount and it is also colour coded for identification. Each is supplied in a small lead castle’ in a suitably labelled MDF storage box 100 x 75 x 65mm high. A data sheet is enclosed with each. The active material is enclosed in metal foil fixed in a cylindrical mount provided with a stem of 4mm diameter. 

5μCi (185 kBq) of Cobalt60 covered by an aluminium disc to shield beta particles so that only gamma radiation is emitted.
• Colour code: Green
• Emission: γ
• Half-life: 5.26 years


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